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A Documentary Bundle That Teaches and Inspires Folks to Grow More of Their Own Food 

It happened to me, it’ll happen to you The Beautiful One and I had sort of been “tricked” into homesteading. Like most everyone else we started homesteading to save money, eat better food, spend time with the family etc… All those expectations have been fulfilled :) No trickery there. But, there was this one other expectation that failed to materialize. 

We thought this lifestyle would be romantic.  

Kinda like when you see the good guys in those food documentaries. Like in “Food Inc” when Joel Salatin is moving his cows to lush grass and eating a beautiful meal with his family outside on the farm. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s some romance. A new calf is born, a chick hatches or you harvest some veggies and cook them for dinner. BUT. And, that’s a BIG ol’ “But”. But, much of the time it can be terribly boring. For example… Letting those chickens out in the morning and putting them up at night can get old after 730 visits (just a years worth of visits). Actually, it can get real old after two weeks! Basically, it’s the same ol’ thing EVERYDAY. The Beautiful One (my wife) and I pushed through all this for 10 years, but developed a couple of serious problems that truly threatened our farming future. Coincidentally enough, I’ve come to find out that many others are suffering from these TWO major problems. However, no one is talking about it in their text books (I know, I’ve read em all). Major Problem #1: We felt significantly inept. We read all the right books (Salatin, Coleman, Mollison, Ussery etc…), yet we still had many questions. We thought if only we could see some other farms… we might gain some clarity. Things might be better. Major Problem #2: Virtually none of our friends were into growing food, and honestly, we felt a little bit cray. No. We felt a lot a bit crazy. So, many nights my wife and I would lie in bed dreaming about possible solutions to our our problem. One recurring thought was, “what if we chucked it all and traveled the country to visit other farms? That way we could learn and find community.” We’d get all excited about that possibility, stay up too late talking, and get up grumpy the next day to milk the cow. Worst yet, we’d talk ourselves out of the crazy adventure shortly after sunrise. There were plenty of reasons why traveling was a ridiculous way to solve our problems. But one day Rebekah asked herself, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” The answer was clear. (Very) long story short we sold (or gave away) our farm animals, found some house sitters, converted a school bus and traveled ALL 50 states of America in search of her GREATEST farms. Let me repeat.  

We traveled ALL 50 STATES OF AMERICA. Pick up the phone and call The Enquirer. Anyway(s) Immediately, our little world was opening up to the grandness of small stead farming. Everywhere we went we found like minded people making the world a better place by growing a little bit of their own food (and sometimes a lot of food to market or to give away).  

We found community with the farms we visited, but also at the meet ups we’d host along the way. Sometimes 100’s of our fans would show up. Funny thing is (or maybe it’s not so funny) that we soon discovered something interesting. From Alaska to Florida, we noticed other food growing people were lonely too :( Like us, folks needed a sense of a community. Now, thousands of people were connecting with other like minded people and finding invaluable encouragement. In addition… online, on our YouTube Channel, there were countless comments on our videos talking about how they were encouraged by seeing other ordinary folks (like them) doing extraordinary things. It turns out our videos ended up with an accumulation of more than 20 MILLION views! That’s 20,000,000 sets of eyeballs finding a sense of community. The viewers were feeling a little less “crazy” about growing their own food and finding the motivation to just plant. Ultimately, we realized that there’s a HUGE community that’s welcoming to ANYBODY and EVERYBODY. The result of our discovery?  

We don’t feel so crazy anymore (and neither do our viewers ;) 

Now, upwards and onwards to problem #2 - the feeling of being inept.  

I’m now (extremely) confident.  

But, in a surprising way.  

Absolutely, I learned a toooooooooooon, and so did our viewers.  

We all learned things like…  

  • How and why to move cows/sheep everyday  
  • How to use wood chips in the garden to illuminate work
  • The various places we could keep bees
  • Multiple rabbit growing systems  
  • How to grow a plant in a pot  
  • How wild Maine blueberries grow
  •  The idea behind rocket mass heaters (10x as efficiefficient)  
  • And, I could certainly go on and on…  

But the BIGGEST takeaway for boosting my confidence was this… 

Everyone we visited made mistakes (and didn’t know everything).  

Even Joel Salatin has weeds in his pastures.  

Paul Gautschi (from the famed Back to Eden Garden) had plants that were dying and wouldn’t produce.  


Most of the time we see “experts” from a textbook point of view. Meaning, we only see and hear about what went right.  

I got to see the reality.  

I saw the good, bad and the ugly and it helped me realize that I could use some improvement in areas (just like everyone we visited), but I was also doing a lot of things right.  

Thankfully, we were able to document our journey and publish nearly 300 videos on our YouTube Channel.  

Honestly, we had no idea just how strongly people would respond.  

Folks would say things like, “we’re living vicariously through you guys and getting to see America”. Or, “Thanks for introducing us to these amazing, yet ordinary people and farming practices”. Or my favorite, “you’ve inspired us to grow more of our own food”.  

You could watch ALL my Youtube videos from the farm tour, but it would literally take you a week (non stop).  

So, I decided I’d make a feature film documentary about this inspiring adventure.  

What if people could watch the “entire” tour in just one evening?  

Welp folks, after 100’s of hours of editing, it is FINISHED!  

Now, people can buy the documentary and gather their friends and/or family to discover the greatest farms in America, all in one easy sitting.  


As you can imagine, it was a beast of a job to break down this film into one feature film.  

Well, you’re right.  

The project ended up being so epic I decided to break it down into three editions:  

The Super Extended Version (3 hrs and 45 minutes).  

The Extended Version (3 hours).  

The Feature Film Version (2 hours).  

Honestly, I thought the movie was spectacular at the Super Extended Version, and didn’t want to cut any of it.  

That’s why I created the three different versions.  

I’ve also created 8 micro documentaries thus far in my filmmaking career. Six of those are from the farm tour, and two are from setting up our homestead back home.  

These are highly motivational and relatable. From Dan Ohman quitting his job to start farming to Curtis Stone making a fabulous living gardening other people’s yards, these documentaries are both educational and inspirational. I just wanted people to have them.  

I also know that some folks would be so inspired by the movie they’d want to start doing something.  

That’s why I added three instructional videos like how to set up your own Back To Eden (wood chip) garden.  

After a year and a half of production, what I ended up with was a highly motivational package of documentaries accompanied with a nice little bundle of instructionals to get folks planting more.  

THE TWO MAJOR PROBLEMS SOLVED Back to the problems every food grower faces… Loneliness and feeling of inadequacy (with inadequacy comes a lack of inspiration and motivation). I’m happy to say that in the end I resolved all those problems by traveling America, experiencing community and learning from others. The good news for you is that I’ve already done all the hard work of finding community and inspiration. There’s countless people who claim they couldn’t travel, but they lived vicariously through us and found the inspiration they needed to grow more. Finally, after 1.5 years in the making, I present to the you inspirational, “Great American Farm Tour Documentary Series”… Whether you’re a complete newbie or Joel Salatin himself, you’ll cherish this movie. Not only will you learn something... You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll come to see the greatness of America And, best of all you’ll be inspired to grow.  

Don’t take my word for it! This is what others are saying. “WE. LOVED. IT!!! Holy cow, pig, CHICKEN, goat, sheep, RABBIT, AND DUCK! Wow wow wow, so inspiring for us especially during this season for us about to go for our dream homestead”. Thank you for working your tail off to making this excellent for us all. Wowzers, I can’t believe you were able to highlight every single state… while still keeping a story and giving us many many tears in the process. AMAZING.” - Beau Brotherton from Better Together Life "The Great American Farm Tour film reminds us in each story that we are part of a larger community united by our shared goals, our overcoming of adversity, and motivation from a common factor; family. We are not alone.“ - Dan Ohman from the Grass Fed Homestead “Each and every person who "hosted" you, educated us and shared HOPE that one family can make a difference and "normal people" not just multi generation farmers can provide their own food to their families. Even though we watched every stop as it happened, seeing pieces in this format is inspiring all over again and the big picture begins to come together. Not only can one family make a difference, but all of us together can make a HUGE impact on the food system. Thank you both for doing what you did & n&t being afraid. I know it was not without a cost. May God bless this and multiply the eyes who see it and do something truly amazing as a result!” - Donna K. 

My 100% Money Back Guarantee I’m so confident you’re gonna love this documentary package, I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.  

Premium Edition:  

  • Streaming/Download of the SUPER extended version of the film (almost 4 hours) 
  • Streaming/Download of the extended version of the film 
  • Streaming/Download of the feature film
  • Micro-documentary, “The One Acre Micro Farm | Anyone Could Do” 
  • Micro-documentary, “Turning Point: Cop Turns in His Badge for the Farm” 
  • Micro-Documentary, “Competent- How One Woman Finds Healing After Incredible Loss” 
  • Micro-Documentary, “Normal Guy Quits Job to Farm (Pastured Chickens)” 
  • Micro-Documentary, “How to Set up a Profitable (Backyard) Farm with Curtis Stone” 
  • Micro-Documentary, “Living Off-Grid in Alaska”
  • Micro-Documentary, “Dreams Do Come True ~ Again”
  • Instructional, “How to Grow Basil (or any other plant) in a Container” 
  • Instructional, “How to Plant an Instant Back to Eden Garden”
  • Instructional, “How to Plant a Permaculture Orchard”  
  • PDF Farm Tour Calendar 
  • PDF Resource Sheet on ALL the farms we visited 
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Complete Edition:   

  • Streaming/Download of the feature film 
  • Download of the Extended version of the film 
  • PDF Farm Tour Calendar
  • Micro-documentary, “The One Acre Micro Farm | Anyone Could Do” 
  • Micro-documentary, “Turning Point: Cop Turns in His Badge for the Farm” 
  • Micro-Documentary, “Competent- How One Woman Finds Healing After Incredible Loss” 
  • Micro-Documentary, “Normal Guy Quits Job to Farm (Pastured Chickens)” 
  • Instructional, “How to Grow Basil (or any other plant) in a Container”
  • Instructional, “How to Plant an Instant Back to Eden Garden”
  • PDF Resource Sheet on ALL the farms we visited  

Essential Edition:  

  • Streaming/Download of the feature Film 
  • Micro-documentary, “The One Acre Micro Farm | Anyone Could Do” 
  • Micro-documentary, “Turning Point: Cop Turns in His Badge for the Farm” 
  • Instructional, “How to Grow Basil (or Any Other Plant) in a Container” 
  • PDF Resource Sheet on ALL the farms we visited  

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