Learn How to Kill and Bleed Your Own Pigs (Safely + Humanely) 

Learn how to avoid travel stress for your precious animals and enjoy the amino acid free meat (that wasn’t stressed before death) by killing on farm.  

  • See the actual gun shot and slitting the throat so you can do this yourself. 
  • Watch the CRITICAL part of on farm kill that YouTube won’t allow on the channel.  
  • Hear the best practice procedure for setting up, killing and bleeding the pig. 
  • Find out the TOP two reasons for killing on farm (for you + your pigs)  
  • Learn why the .410 shotgun is a more sure fire gun for a quick and humane kill.  
  • See how we stay safe around the very powerful gun. 
Watch Part 1 of the Art of Pig Butchery, “Kill and Bleed” NOW (free)

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